Thursday, January 2, 2014

Putting "Who's Bigger" in its Proper Place

Not all reviewers of our book "Who's Bigger" have been fully appreciative of our work.   Don't worry: we will look at these in a future blog post.

But the most effective job of putting "Who's Bigger" into proper perspective was done by one Abby Skiena, age 10, the daughter of mine to whom the book was dedicated to.

On the official publication date I presented both of my children with signed copies of the book for them to forever treasure.  Abby was excited enough to bring hers to school the next day for show and tell.

"Abby, did your classmates think the book was cool?," I asked when I got home.

"Kinda," she answered without enthusiasm.  "But you see, I went after Caroline."

"Oh.  What did Caroline have to show?"

"She just got back from Harry Potter World, with lots of souvenirs.  She even passed out Every Flavor Jelly Beans for us to eat.  One kid got vomit flavor..."

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