Monday, December 23, 2013

A Sporcle-ing opportunity for the holidays

We are pleased to announce that Who's Bigger has hit the world of Sporcle, the popular website offering "mentally stimulating diversions".   In particular, check out your sense of the biggest actors, actresses, and directors at

We thank Patrick Kelly for his interest and efforts in putting this together.  He is a very experienced hand at this: his Sporcle quizzes have been played more than 10,000,000 times!   He promises more Who's Bigger games on Sporcle in the near future, and we will let you know soon as they are available.

The results of the early responses has been quite revealing.  In particular, our most significant director has proven to be the hardest question on the entire board, being answered correctly by only 6.6% of the players.  And yet in their post-game comments, this question was called a "head-banger", which I interpret as a problem where you recognize the right answer soon as you are told.   This, to me, captures exactly what is interesting about our Who's Bigger rankings.  We generally reflect things that you know, but not necessarily what you know you know.


Patrick has just posted a presidential Who's Bigger quiz, which has already gotten some interesting comments.   Check it out at

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