Thursday, October 10, 2013

First Printing Has Arrived!

Tonight, I opened an express mail package from Cambridge University Press with the first copies of "Who's Bigger"!   I did it with Charles on the line via Skype, so we could share this historical moment together:

The book looks good: better than we do in the picture above.  It will presumably take a few more weeks until copies materialize in book stores and online: but you can order now and beat the rush.

One other note.  My first author interview has appeared in Critical Margins, so check it out.   The interviewer did a good job, but seemed to want to argue with us about the rankings of various historical figures.   Argue with our algorithms, not us.    None of these rankings reflect our personal judgements, although generally we tend to agree with most of them.  In particular, in almost all the cases she questioned in the interview we feel quite good about where they were placed.

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